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MISSION VALLEY – 2224 River Run 148, San Diego, CA 92108

So, a few months ago, I got this call from a business acquaintance saying that her best friend is frustrated. Frustrated because they have a condo that they can’t sell. The listing agent, is not doing anything. They don’t know what to do. They have already tried to sell it twice in the past few years. Why won’t it sell?

I knew that the condo has an HOA litigation and the owner occupancy rate is at 51%. So, FHA and VA buyers were out of the running for this property. FHA and VA usually are most of the pool for first time buyers. I decided, what the heck. It’s an investment / first time buyer’s perfect price point. Why? What’s wrong with it? Investment properties are my speciality. I need to see why won’t this place sell.

So, I went, met the owners. They told me the agent, didn’t want to do any marketing, no opens, no Facebook, nothing. Why? I ask… They didn’t know. After about two hours meeting with them, they agreed to allow me to try to sell it. I got the home prepped. Staged, professional photographed, pre-marketed, etc.

We went live. After one week, I noticed a few more properties that were the same model and price point in the complex. At first, I was like okay. We got some competition, here. Waited a few days, it was slow. Open house weekend, rain. Some showings.. Another week of opens. People were saying it needed some TLC. Okay. 14 days on the market, no offers… Great… nothing.

Then all agents have to say, is the words… VACATION. In the middle of Mexico City on vacation, I got a call from an agent anxiously wanting to see the property. Sure, go ahead. I can’t hear you that well. My phone isn’t working, but you can view it. That night, we had an offer. I negotiated it from my AirBnB in Mexico City and by the next morning, we were in escrow.

I was afraid it was too good to be true. However, the escrow was solid all the way through. No repairs, no problems… Talk about a smooth escrow. We even closed a few days early. Congrats to my sellers. They couldn’t be more relieved.

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