New Blood Achieves Goals At Black Mountain Middle School Fall Fest

Fall Fest – New Blood, New Goals 

A New Beginning at Black Mountain Middle School Raises $35,000

When I was given the task of Chair of Fall Fest at Black Mountain Middle School, I didn’t know what to think. Yes, I love Halloween. My kids love Halloween and I love being involved with my kids’ school. For the first few months, I was just trying to figure out what I got myself into. Finding chairs to run the different jobs, finding auction items, finding sponsors… It was a part time summer job when my business was somewhat slow.

Then school started. We had no one to help in the key areas. I freak out. Finally, I found a blessing – a group of people to help me create games, marketing and above all keep my head on correctly. For a while in August, I doubted myself and the future of Fall Fest.

For those of you that don’t know what Fall Fest is, it’s the annual community / school event for Black Mountain Middle School in the Poway Unified School District. The event raised funds that were cut due to the state’s budget cuts. Fall Fest supports those “extra things” in the classroom when there are no funds: Chromebooks, science labs, field trips, etc. Teachers are asked to create a wish list and asked to participate in the event. All the funds raised for the event are used within that school year. Last year’s the event raised $50,000. That was my hope, but with everyone new assisting me on the event, I was sure.

Three weeks until the event, we had things coming along. Tons of auction items, few sponsors, but the buzz what out there. Everyone was on board helping, but we lacked volunteers and some sponsors.

At this point, my theater directing background kicked in. Go with the flow, and make it work. The show must go on.

Day of the event. We are guessing we had 1500 / 2000 people attend. Kids loved the all new Raiders’ Scream Lab. This year we had a professional design the Mad Science Lab / Haunted Scream Lab. 10/12 brand new games, and tons of kids having fun. We did it… As of now we are estimating we raised almost $35,000. Not bad for a new crop of people and “new blood” to an annual tradition.

We are now taking a break and in the spring, we are at it again. Prepping for Fall Fest 2018. Nancy Bergman, is the Chair of Fall Fest / Black Mountain Middle School, a Poway Unified School which is a division of the Black Mountain’s Education Foundation. Nancy is also a local Rancho Penasquitos Realtor with Windermere Homes and Estates.  She assist people buying and selling property in Rancho Penasquitos (92129), Rancho Bernardo (92127 and 92128), Poway (92064), Carmel Valley (92130) and San Diego. If you are looking for local information about the Poway Unified Schools or anything in the 56/15 corridor, contact Nancy, CA BRE #01893550, at, or 858-617-9449

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