Watch Out Rattlesnakes in Rancho Penasquitos – Tips For Removing Snakes

Things are warming up and that means rattlesnakes are coming out of hibernation, and these creatures will bite if provoked. But San Diegans can take precautions if bitten. Rattlesnakes love to play hide and seek in bushes. However, they can’t hear you coming, but you can hear them and that’s why you need to be careful. You’ve got to watch your step, especially when you’re hiking near bushes and rocks, because rattlesnakes are ready to strike. Most bites occur between April and October and the greatest number of bites happen in May.

Since January 2017, County Animal Services has responded to 276 rattlesnake calls. That is about 50 more than the same time period last year. Last May was the high point with 156 calls but they can come in anytime. “Snake sightings jump during warmer weather but thanks to San Diego’s moderate climate, we can receive calls any time of year,” said County Animal Services Director Dan DeSousa. “Basically every season is rattlesnake season and they can show up anywhere from the coast to the deserts.”   People in the region surrounding Rancho Peñasquitos and the Black Mountain Open Space Park have logged the most calls this year — nearly two dozen, including one at Adobe Bluffs Elementary school during dismal time.

In fact, one family came in contact with a Four – foot Red Diamond Rattlesnake a few weeks ago.


What to Do or Not To Do if Bitten…1.Don’t Suck Out the Venom 2. Getting Treatment is More Important Than Standing Still 3. Do not apply a tourniquet, do not try to put heat or ice on the wound and do not give the victim any medication.

See a SNAKE? Call County Animal Services at (619) 236-2341 or you can call a local Snake / Wrangler – William Troxel at 760-893-0510 who will be happy to remove the snake off your property for FREE

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