Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist – New Year Cleanup

Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist – New Year Cleanup

Well its January… You are taking down the holiday lights, cleaning out the garage and re-organizing the house.
Did you know it’s also a great time to address any maintenance tasks that you may have been procrastinating on. Below are 7 tasks not to forget.
Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist
Gutter Maintenance

Clogged gutters may lead to ice dams. The more frequently you clear your gutters, the less work it will take to keep clean. Furthermore, it will be easier to contact a company to complete this for you.
Pressure Wash… Everything!

Pollen and dust may stick on siding and walkways over the hot and humid months. The most efficient way to clean it is with a pressure washer. Before starting, ensure that you have the right power setting for the surface you are cleaning. Attach the pressure washer to a hose and begin spraying. Your property will be fresh and clean with just a little bit of effort.
Prune Shrubbery

Survey the trees around your home for any hanging branches that could damage your property during storms. Trim down bushes and shrubs and keep them away from the home. Hold off until late October to prune any spring-flowering shrubs so you don’t cut away next spring’s flowers.
Prepping the Lawn

Maintaining your lawn is an easy way to retain home value. Fall is a good time to fertilize and seed the grass for the coming spring. Before you begin, give your grass one final mowing to tidy it up.
Heating Check-up

Have your furnace serviced annually. This routine task can increase your furnace’s efficiency and save you money. It can also lengthen the life of your heating system.
Locate and Fill Leaks

Having your furnace serviced may reduce expenses, but this may offer little benefit if if if heat is escaping your home! Check for leaks around doorways and windows. Add caulk as necessary to stop heat from escaping. For old windows that cannot be caulked, think about buying window sealing kits sold at your local hardware store.
Prevent Chimney Fires

You don’t need to contact the fire department when you first use your chimney during the winter. Contact a chimney sweep on an annual basis to remove creosote accumulation. This can also identify other issues with the chimney and give you a chance to address them so they don’t become an expensive repair.
The Importance of Annual Tasks
Your yearly home maintenance checklist should not be forgotten. They do not strictly refresh your home, but they also reduce future issues and, in the end, save you money. For future home maintenance tips,just ask Nancy Bergman for suggestions.
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